libertine sex and jasmine

Libertine Fragrance Sex & Jasmine EDP - Jasmine, Vanilla, Ambergris

Libertine Fragrance
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Libertine Fragrance Sex & Jasmine Eau De Parfum

Our eau de parfums are blended with pure organic perfumers alcohol. They are blended, filtered and bottled by hand in our Canadian scent studio.


The intoxicating aroma of swollen jasmine blooms linger over silken vanilla sheets. The midnight sweat has half erased our floral masks and we collapse, panting triumphant into our animal selves.

Scent Profile:

  • Floral, Warm, Animalic
  • Key Notes:
    • TOP Jasmine Sambac, Geranium
    • HEART Jasmine Sambac, Neroli Absolute, Vanilla Bourbon Extract
    • BASE Sandalwood, Aged Patchouli Essence, Ambergris

 All of our scents are vegan and cruelty free. We use a blend of natural and synthetic materials in our scents, especially where the natural equivalent faces sustainability or safety concerns.

Mixed by hand in Edmonton, AB.